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Providing the most unique, comfortable, and quality design structure in a glove that will enhance physical and mental performance.

Everything we do, we BELIEVE in setting the standard. We BELIEVE in improving your life. We set that standard by making our products stylish, affordable, and multipurpose. We just so happen to make very comfortable gloves..GAM3R GLOV3S..It's GG!

Have you ever...?

Experienced cold hands when you play in the winter? Lost control over your mouse or controller because of sweaty hands? Suffered from blisters when trying to reach to the next achievement after playing long hours? These problems can cause frustration, anger, stress and even illness. Fear not, we have a solution for you: GG Gamer Gloves.


The fabric properties and structure are the key assets to the glove. To go above and beyond, we constantly strive to provide the most comfortable, high quality materials such as: Polyester, Elastane, and Lycra (very commonly used in active and sports wears). Our design allows the glove to channel away moisture (moisture wicking), while staying breathable and cool (temperature control). As a result, GG makes YOU ready to tackle any environment.


We architecturally designed grip placement on certain areas of palms and fingertips. This innovative grip will allow all gamers to hold onto the controller without it slipping or shifting in their hands, therefore maintaining consistency.


To accommodate the increasing interest and demand from the PC gaming community, their needs and wants were taken into consideration when developing our "slits" system (allows the switch between full finger and fingerless without restrictions). The "slits" design allows users to maintain the feel of the keys when typing, while still offering grip on the mouse. Additionally, we are implementing touch screen technology into the glove, that will allow for seamless transition between PC, console, and touchscreen gaming.


What is a GAM3R?

A gamer is a person that has the never give up attitude, always strives to go above and beyond the norm, and pursues greatness. It's passion. It's pursuit. It's a revolution. It's the Gamer mentality.

Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat. Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat. Minnesota Mr. Hockey 2013 Minnesota Mr. Hockey 2013 By having the Gamer Mentality, we visualize a glove that appeals not only to people who play video games, but also to those who seek excellence. Due to the versatility GAM3R GLOV3S has to offer, we believe the glove will serve many additional purposes beyond video game use. GG is the sign for Greatness!


To add even more kick to our gloves, we consulted with distinguished fashion designers and hand-selected four avant-garde colors for our next generation models: GG Orange, Neon Green, Peony Pink, Titanium Silver, and Electric Blue. The five eye-popping colors will guarantee you stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

GG LEVEL 2 "Prove-It" EDITION COLOR SET GG LEVEL 2 "Prove-It" EDITION COLOR SET Peony Pink Peony Pink Titanium Silver Titanium Silver GAM3R GLOV3S are more than just gloves, it’s a belief, an attitude, a lifestyle… It’s GG.

 Getting GG built: a detailed outline.

Here's a detailed outline of our production planning.

April 2013: Finalize design

Finalize design and make sure all of our great designs will be incorporated into the glove. Finalize the amount of the first order of GG version 2 with our manufacturer.

May – June 2013: Final testing and production

Extensive pre-production testing with the level of comfort, quality and design. Order materials from Italy Production and quality control Ship

July 2013: Bring GG version 2 to the market!

We need your help Kickstarter! - We will use your donations to Mass Produce our final product and bring it to the worldwide gaming market.


MLG Dallas 2013 Gam3r Glov3s Review

GG LEVEL 1 "Start-it"



Sizes: S/ M/ L



Sizes: S/M/L Sizes: S/M/L WHITE:

Sizes: S/M/L Sizes: S/M/L Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Product creation process and logistics: From hundreds of different glove manufacturers in the world, we narrowed down to two: both with more than 30 years extensive experience and impressive track records in the business of glove making, and athletic sportswear. Once we receive the final samples from the manufacturers, we will select the best out of the two and proceed with the production of the Gam3r Glov3s Level 2 "Prove-it" Edition. Product design comes from years of research in the gaming industry and valuable feedback provided by eSports professionals, eSports amateurs, and casual gamers.

Getting the right product mix: The prototype has been developed with materials found in Italy. The grip material and placement of grip will need to be tested with various materials and placements. The touchscreen material and placement of the touchscreen material will need to be tested with various designs and placements. We are confident that with the current blueprint, experience gained from "Start-it", and help from the gaming community, GG will be delivering the best gaming glove there is to the market.

Meeting shipping and logistics demands: We are sure that many of the gamers can't wait to see our next generation model coming to the market. However, it is hard to meet the massive shipping and logistics demands. To accommodate the strong interest expressed all over the world, GG has already established strong distribution partners in USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, China and Australia.


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